March 22, 2022

Dealing with SEO is crucial when running an online business. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in this field but you should at least know what it takes to appear in the top search results. 

Google algorithms are not that complicated once you understand how they work. Optimization on the other hand may require some sort of experience or skills for management. Nowadays, you may easily find a number of guides or tutorials that are able to help you through understanding even your Magento SEO. Visit Magento SEO Hong Kong for more. 

However even if you may be able to understand the “how to-” guides for your Magento SEO, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would be able to fix them by yourself. The reason for that is partially because of the complex coding that is involved with this. Another reason might be because each eCommerce store has its own unique SEO requirements and strategies to meet the goals of that specific business. 

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Magento SEO and User Experience

The magento SEO checklist has user experience on the very top of the list. The algorithms that are utilized lately are also based on content relevance and providing a good user experience. The reason for that is because Google wants to provide relevant and user-friendly content. The whole goal of the search engine has turned towards providing a good online user experience. Hence your SEO on Magento can also no longer be limited to Google bot crawlers and may require real accounts as well. 

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Improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improving SEO is one of the cost free ways to improve traffic towards your website by using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The domain strength or visibility of a website on a search engine highly impacts the amount of visitors that may be redirected to your website through those search engines. 

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Improving your SEO can be carried out by using many methods without having to spend a single dime in order to make that happen. A few of those methods are as follows:

Utilizing Page titles

Title tags are used by the search engines for displaying the initial results. These tend to appear prominently on the top of the browsers and give the viewers information regarding what your page is about. Title tags are usually 50-60 characters. Therefore, it is important that you make them compelling enough for a visitor to click. Your title tags should be short and to the point in order to catch the immediate interest of the visitors. Moreover these features are at the front of your website and hence they should be extremely relevant. 

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Inserting Keywords

After the titles, keywords are most likely to appear on the search browser in order to make it more clear for the visitors to see what they have searched for is likely to be in your website or not. Keywords are the most important tool of SEO. The placements of keywords and how they are used is actually responsible for bringing your website to the top of search results. Once you’re providing a certain product, you need to know how your potential clients may search for it. This means that you need to employ the proper keywords that are related to your products and are searched widely by your targeted audience. Using keywords sensibly is also important so that your site doesn’t get flooded because of keyword spamming. If you end up stuffing too many keywords within your content, then the search engines are programmed to ignore them. 

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Using ALT Tags

Other than keywords, your images and videos can also include descriptive content that can be added to their imprint. These are known as the alternative text descriptions (ALT) tags. These are basically there to help the search engines in locating the tags or keywords that are associated with your images and videos other than the usual text. Consequently it improves the chances of your site to appear in image or video contents as well and can help raise your visibility and page ranking. 

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Developing Sitemaps

Sitemaps allow you to list and create all of the major links to the pages that are on your website. This allows the search engine to categorize your content and locate it easily based upon the relevance of what has been searched. These make it easier for the search engines to find the content without having to go through a number of clicks. 

Mobile Friendly Interface

A majority of the online user base is mobile users. The websites that tend to have interfaces that are mobile friendly are more likely to be accessed by a large majority. Google tries to provide its users with the best user experience and therefore sites with mobile friendly interfaces are obviously going to be ranked higher on Google. 

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Be regular and consistent

Maintaining website traffic cannot be done without consistency. You need to update your content frequently in order for your website to remain within Google rankings. Keeping it fresh and updated is a sure way to improve site relevancy. 

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URL categorization and structure

URL is also one of the most important factors that search engines might use to determine search results. Your URL should be relevant and easy for it to appear on search. For this purpose, keeping your URL short can enhance user experience and keep it categorized for appearing in relevant search results. 

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Growing Natural links by the organic and quality based backlinks is another factor to improve SEO. Google tends to rank your site based upon third party recommendations as well. This means that the reliability of your site may be partially accounted for by how many times it has been recommended by other sites. Therefore it is necessary that you carefully monitor and manage these links. 


Lastly, while dealing with SEO you need to constantly monitor your own progress and where you tend to stand on search results. This can be carried out by using various monitoring tools. It is important to keep a referrer log for all of the vistations and search terms that it took to get to your site. Just by following a few simple guidelines and keeping a close monitoring on your progress can significantly improve your SEO ranking on Google.

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To learn more about SEO in detail, you can check out how SEO works.

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