September 28, 2022

If you want to combine PDF files then the simplest and easiest way is to use a combine and merge PDF online service, which is quick and convenient, and sometimes free to use. These programs offer a variety of tools to combine, and split files online so users can create new, more easily-navigable texts that are more concise. PDF split and merge tools are also available from different programs and software, but they are expensive and expert-level so not for occasional PDF users. PDF separators and other tools are designed to be user-friendly and have simpler user interfaces.


How to Combine PDF Documents Into One


The way to combine PDF files online is simple and takes only a few steps, depending on the tool or program you are using. Many of the best online PDF tools are designed to be for the casual PDF user and have familiar configurations so they are recognizable to everyone. You can select the Merge, Combine or Split PDF tab on the browser icon or any similar button.


For example, Lumin PDF, which is one of the best online PDF tools, lets users merge, split, and combine PDFs from the Page Tools menu on the online and offline browsers. Users can click on this button to bring up the menu for performing each of these functions. There, they can choose from a range of pages to combine or whole files if they choose.


Splitting a PDF into Parts


If you want to split a PDF into other parts, then that requires a similar type of tool, but one that can separate pages rather than combine them. Splitting a PDF is useful since it lets users shorten a text so it is easier to read, store and share. Separating the pages of a PDF also lets users take select portions of a text without having to copy or save the entire document.


Adding Pages to a PDF File


Separating pages from a PDF is one thing, but what if you want to add pages? Well, you can do that too! The same tools that help people split or merge PDFs also let them insert new pages into a document. The pages need to be in PDF format and uploaded onto your local hard drive so you can access them when needed.


You can open the Insert Pages tool in your browser’s toolbar and find the specific Add Pages section. You can then choose the file you want to insert pages into by selecting the exact location or range of where you want those pages inserted. Once the range has been selected you can then open and insert those pages.


Adding Pages to a PDF From Another PDF


Some programs also let you add pages from another PDF file without having to separate them first or convert other file types to PDF. This feature is unique to specific PDF programs and not all of them will have it. You can try to find if this feature exists in your particular tool or PDF separator.


Adding Pages to a PDF From a File


Some tools also let you add pages from an entirely separate file that you may need to insert into a PDF. This type of action requires that the page or file format be converted into PDF so it can be inserted into the PDF text. Again, not all extract pages from PDF tools do this but some are capable of automatically transferring and converting individual pages.


Adding Pages to a PDF From a Scanner


There are ways that you can add pages from a scanned document directly into your PDF. This tool is not commonly available but if your PDF separator has it then you can take advantage of it, especially since it is convenient for non-PDF or physical copies of a text. You can begin the scanning process, and once complete, you can open the merge tool to select the scanned pages.


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