April 14, 2022

Title of this article can seem a little weird but yes, it is a bitter truth that sometimes the stubborn nature of our children embarrasses us so much that too publicly that we begin to see monster in our own child because after all we parents are also human and there is a limit after which a human can’t tolerate misbehave in any condition and when situation crosses the limit, parents fall into dilemma. I saw one day a lady at a bank with her child, who was insisting for ice cream and when she denied then he started hitting her and throwing the belongings she had, she was so helpless that she started crying even then he didn’t stop, then a security office threatened the boy and then he stopped but till then his mother had a shower of embarrassment. Such things can happen with any parent and they get so much disappointed that they start to hate their own child even though their heart could not forget little love as he or she is their own child, flesh and bone. Many times, it also happens that parents could not control their anger or temper and hit the child or become a little violent and regret later. so, let’s understand a few measures which can prevent your relationship with your child from getting destroyed.

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First of all, parents need to change their perception about the child. Just like other people when they get frustrated by their stubborn child, parents also put a label of monster or avatar of Loki (God of mischief). This is just a perception which parents make on the basis of embarrassing behaviour of their child being disappointed deeply. So, before this perception can result in something very wrong which parents regret afterwards, change your way of looking at this issue. They need not to see their child as something wrong to them. Instead they should look into the case as he/she is their own flesh and bone, their own child who is struggling to express his/her views and feelings and as parents they have to help him/her anyhow. This will boost your morale as parents to solve the issue instead of devastating your relationship with the child. Secondly when your temper is about to make you a volcano which is about to erupt, do a trick, bring family album and look on those pictures when your child was toddler and was very cute, looking on those pics will make you remember 100 reasons to love your child and you will neglect his/her mischief on which as parents you have become furious dragon in anger. Today even institute ERP uses school management software in online learning to control such stubborn kids. It is so because Institute ERP tends to make their students disciplined through school management software even in online learning.

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It is not necessary to do a lot to handle this kind of situation. Little things can change the scenario if you keep a keen eye on theses situation. Kids can be notorious, that is common and nothing is wrong about it. But yes, they do cross their lines sometimes and socially people blame parents for such behaviour of child though parents are innocent. Still parents have to find a way to love them after all they are their own child. Fathers can remember that when they come home being tortured in hectic atmosphere of office then just one hug of their child removes all anxiety and stress from mind and brings smile on face. Similarly, a mother can also remember that when she wakes up early in the morning then her child brings glittering smile by jumping like squirrel in the home. This way parents can be thankful to their child for completing their life and forget all about his/her mischief. Whenever you are prepared seek the detective sherlock holmes in you and start finding the reason why your child is acting like this and not listening to you at all. Parents will have to ask their child very politely if there is something which is bothering him/her and during this whole process they will have to maintain the language very polite and should have to avoid physical violence and harsh language. While communicating with your child use empathy, emotional support, calm-down strategies and al the experience you have to solve critical situation. After all, as parents you are all they have to guide them and show correct path.

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